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Vegan leather handbags Switzerland

Recycled avant-garde fabrics and ancient craft techniques result in timeless, consciously designed pieces with designs ranging from crossed hands-free vegan handbags to baggy backpacks.

At IREMA SLOW FASHION we are interested in sustainable and ecological practices that help reduce our impact on the environment and provide answers to social and ethical issues.

That’s why…

We value things well done, handcrafted and, above all, we work with local producers that allow the economic reactivation of the places where they live.

We revalue materials that are considered textile waste in order to turn them into beautiful fashionable garments and, at the same time, we collaborate by minimizing the industrial textile surplus.

We make garments with organic fabrics that do not affect physical health because they have been manufactured using processes that respect the environment and without pesticides.


Meet our line of vegan and organic handbags

Each vegan handbag and each complement are unique and unrepeatable, made slowly and patiently for women able to delight in new ways of seeing the world.

“We’ve created a limited edition of vegan handbags and accessories that are timeless and out of season collections. We are convinced that you can be fashionable without damaging our planet.

Know our suppliers and producers

We work with providers and suppliers with a story to tell about their commitment with an ethical fashion. We look for a long-term partnership to produce truly sustainable and socially responsible products.

We spend time looking for our partners because we are interested in building strong personal relationships with them. Our face-to-face approach is key to build a sustainable and transparent supply chain.

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Headquarters Irema Slow Fashion


IREMA with the sustainable fashion

IREMA moves to a sustainable fashion through the introduction of upcycling and organic fabrics. Clothes that explain a story of transparency and closeness in every moment

Artisans’ studios

Visiting artisans’ studios or looking for traces left by professions that marked an age is also a source of inspiration.

Free-markets and use second-hand clothes

We love it because they use second-hand clothes, out-of-stock fabrics, free-markets, leather obtained from old sofas… and they take profit of every single scrap. The result is wonderful!

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