Christmas holidays are over, a new year has started, and winter is definitely here. Time to hibernate, slow down and stay warm! But don’t worry, thanks to IREMA Slow Fashion you will forget the meaning of the word ‘cold’. Here you are our star garments for winter!

Wool jacket in beige.



Made with 100% tweed wool, this jacket in beige warms much more than a jacket made with synthetic materials. Besides, it is eco-friendly, light and long-lasting.

Get the perfect outfit:

This fantastic wool jacket fits great with tight trousers, jeans or a long plain skirt. You can use it like a pullover and cover yourself with a poncho or a coat. The color is a basic in every wardrobe and match very well with a lot of colors.

To know more:

Tweed is an icon of traditional Irish and British country clothing, used for informal outerwear, due to the material being moisture-resistant and durable.


Velveteen jacket in burgundy.



Another perfect jacket for cold days, but this time made with organic velveteen fabric (100% organic cotton fabric OEKO TEX). Very soft to the touch and warm. The lining is a beautiful print in white, brown and light blue.

Get the perfect outfit:

This jacket in burgundy fits fantastic with tight trousers, a plain skirt or dress. You will look very stylish with it and at the same time, you will be wearing a respectful garment with the planet.

 To know more: 

Velveteen is a kind of fabric that imitates velvet, but comparing both, velveteen has greater body, does not drape as easily, and has less sheen.


Velvet dress in terracotta.



Available in terracotta, light blue and turquoise, this velvet dress is the best choice to your day-to-day, because you will be comfortable and warm, and, at the same time, you will look stunning. The dress is made of organic velour fabric (velvet knitted), 100 % organic cotton, GOTS certified.

Get the perfect outfit:

 Combine this dress with a long coat, leather high boots and a beautiful hat.

To know more:

Velour is a kind of fabric very similar to velvet that is used a lot in dancer’s clothing and in stage curtains, so we can say velour is a very spectacular fabric! ?


Alpaca wool cap.



Nothing better for this season than a good cap… don’t let heat escape from your head! And these caps made of 100% baby alpaca wool from Peru are a great treasure. This kind of wool is warmer than sheep wool. Besides, these caps are eco-friendly, silky soft, lightweight, durable and have been made without chemicals dyeing.

Get the perfect outfit:

 These caps fit practically with every look you are wearing, especially casual looks. They are available in light blue, old ping, off-white, orange, brown and mottled gray.

 To know more:

In the ancient Incan times, alpaca fibre was used to make clothes for royalty and was known as ‘the fibre of the gods’.




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