To be slow and sustainable in your wedding is not only a dream, but a reality. Proof of that is our first slow wedding dress, Topaz, one of our most special creations, and that’s how it was made… Long life to slow brides!



The idea of making a wedding dress arose on a wedding fair in Laussane (Switzerland), where we could confirm that there are a lot of eco and bio options for food and deco, but none referred to clothing for these special occasions. So, we decided to make a wedding dress made with organic fabrics and the most sustainable possible. For that, we had the amazing help of Ana García, a good friend who is fashion designer and patter designer and had made some wedding dresses before.




Since the beginning, we thought the dress had to be inspired by nature. We live surrounded by a very powerful landscape, with astonishing mountains, lush woods, vineyards beside the lake and a lot of light. It is very easy to let you captivate by this privileged environment and its colors.



The name of this dress is Topaz, like the gem, because it has got its color, its origin and its elegance.


At the beginning, we drew some sketches, we started with the patterning and we made the first prototype, that suffered some changes after. Having a look to some wedding magazines, we had an impact on the slimness of models. There are only few women that can wear those dresses; beautiful dresses, of course, but no for most women’s body. So, we designed a dress that emphasizes curves. The embroideries are on the back and on the waist, in this last case to highlight it, not to hide it.




The dress is made with 100 % organic linen in off-white and the lining is made with 100 % organic cotton (GOTS certified). For their part, sleeves are made with natural organza silk dyed with tea. We wanted to produce a contrast between the linen texture and the organza voluptuousness. In addition, the dress has more than 100 flowers embroidered in silk and cotton, sewed one by one. They were embroidered with a machine, but the center was hand embroidered.




We didn’t want to use artificial dyes, so we have respected the off-white color of linen and the organza was dyed with tea. We also looked for silk and cotton threads that combine well with these colors.




For us, the perfect wedding dress must be, above all, comfortable, because the bride is going to wear it for hours. In addition, a bride wants to be spectacular with her dress, to look amazing in the pictures, to hug people, to dance… Basically, she has to be able to move with her dress as she was wearing it daily. Also, the dress has to be made for real women bodies. To be on a diet to look like a Barbie in your wedding day is a kind of violence against our bodies.




We believe that a slow bride has got two worries: on one hand, to see herself beautiful in a simple and comfortable way, in tune with nature and with herself; on the other hand, not to damage her body and the planet with fabrics full of chemicals. Besides, she is a bride that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Our prices will be very reasonable, considering that it is a handmade dress with organic fabric.



Topaz will be present in two fashion events next March in Switzerland so far: Ethical Fashion Show (5th March) and Un-dress (21st March). Of course, it is available on our e-shop upon request, because it will be totally customized with the measurements of each bride-to-be.

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