As you already know, our new collection, Tales of The Land, has been inspired by nature in all senses. But what story is behind every piece? Like in the great adventures, we will reveal them garment to garment, dress to dress… Here we start with two beautiful and unique dresses. Shall we begin?



One one side, the story behind this special ZERO-WASTE DRESS could be described as a beautiful romance with the autumn and its wonderful colors. In Switzerland, this season is amazing, because the forest become a completely magic place, where nature shows all its splendor. The trees, the field, the fruits, the light… everything is so inspiring! But it could be a good match as well with some gorgeous flowers, like the one in the picture.


If the inspiration for this garment was amazing, the process of creation of the dress was even more special. I invited Begoña Martínez, a great dressmaker with years of experience, to help me with the design of this piece. The zero-waste technique has a different pattern designing, because, for example, the directions of the threads disappear, the fabrics shape to the body… You can’t resolve all these special features with traditional systems of sewing, so a huge knowledge in this art is necessary and Begoña owns.

The pattern design of this dress is based on rectangles, squares and triangles and we played with several autumnal colors. The fabrics are 95 % cotton and 5 % elastane, GOTS certified. And we are very happy and proud because after making eight dresses, we only have a small box with the material left. Zero-waste philosophy is a must for IREMA Slowfashion ?.



On the other hand, the inspiration for dressmaking this stylish and elegant SHIRRING DRESS OF ORGANIC COTTON came from the spring and all its range of greens. The feelings and sensations in a Swedish forest during this season are very pure and fresh. Absolutely everything is green and gives you a special energy to begin whatever you propose yourself. And that is what we wanted to transmit with this dress. Wearing it you will feel free, as if you were dancing on the summit of a mountain in spring.


In relation to the making of this garment, the principal objective was playing with drape. The idea was getting a beautiful and simple shirring neck but not too exaggerated. Moreover, although the result is a garment composed by a T-shirt and a dress, at the beginning it was only one piece. In addition, we wanted an asymmetric front-line neck that makes a very unique and original dress. It is made with organic fabric OEKO TEX, 95% cotton, 5% elastane. Difficult not to fall in love with this dress.

Have you enjoyed the stories behind these two dresses? We hope so, because we love show IREMA Slowfashion universe and to be transparent with you.  We invite you to visit our e-shop and find out more garments. See you next week! 🙂 


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