Christmas is coming to town and it is time to decorate the home and to feel the spirit. And there is no better way to get it that making your own Christmas decorations with these easy and funny ideas. Your family will love them!

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Use some empty jars you have at home to make beautiful Christmas candles. It is an easy and good way of recycling jars. The French yogurt jars are perfect for that, but you can also use other kinds. You just need to clean up well the jar and after that you can decor it in some many ways. For example, with glass paint, with glitter… It is up to your imagination! And of course, you can add a loop and a rope if you want to hang the candle.


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Once the jar is decorated, you just have to place a little candle inside and your Christmas candle will be ready to light your home! In addition, you can put inside some sand, salt, stones, etc. And, of course, instead a candle inside, you can put some fruits, balls, holly… everything you like. Try to alternate jars with plants and with candles as table centerpiece in Christmas Eve, everybody will love the amazing look of the table!



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To make this original and ecological Christmas tree, you just need some fabrics (you can recycle some clothes you don’t use anymore), wadding for filling or some old newspapers, thin string and a wooden base (that can be replace with other things that serve as base). First, draw the pattern of the tree in a paper. After that, with the help of the pattern, cut two pieces of fabric with the form of the tree. Sew both by the sides except the base. Fill the tree with wadding of the papers and then sew the base. Stick the tree to the wooden base and finally, embellish it with the string and whatever you want. For example, you can make a heart or a star in fabric. Furthermore, you can make a lot of adornments with this technique and hang them in the Christmas tree or in the door…


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Have you liked these ideas? We have already started with our DIY Christmas decorations… Are you ready to decorate your home for Christmas? 😉 

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