We have the pleasure of introducing our new collection, Tales of the Land, inspired by nature. Discover our beautiful sustainable garments, always made with love and passion for returning to earth what it gives us. 

I used to live in the city and to be very urbanite but at this moment I am immensely happy living in the countryside in Switzerland, surrounded by nature. At the beginning, it was difficult for me to adapt from the city lifestyle, but now I wouldn’t change my life by the nature for anything. From my window, I see one of the steep mountains of Alps, and when it is with a bit of snow the view is priceless. From the sitting room, I can contemplate a lake encircled by the mountains. It is impressive, a balm to the soul. Also, I live amongst vineyards… The harvesting period will begin very soon and it is a great spectacle. And I have a beautiful garden as well… When we design and create everything that we see and we feel is an inspiration for us, even without being aware of it. And I couldn’t have a best inspiration than nature.


Some flowers of my garden.


In the new collection, Tales of the Land, that you can find on our e-shop, every garment has been inspired by an element of the nature and tells a different story that you will be able to find out in next posts. Every dress, every poncho, every sweatshirt… has an intimate relationship with the elements of nature, such as the forest, the ocean, the flowers, etc. The colors, the textures and the design are connected to them. Let me show some examples related to the land and to the water:





















In IREMA Slowfashion, we are looking forward to share with you this Tales of The Land. We hope you love this new collection as much as we do :-). Feel the magic! 









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