As you already know, IREMA Slow Fashion is a slow brand of handmade clothes and accessories for women who love a sustainable life. And here you are our basic principles… Do you want to know better our IREMA’s philosophy? Continue reading ?

Old pink organic cotton sweatshirt.


  1. We are interested in sustainable methods of production to minimize environmental impact as well as to give answers to ethical and social issues. That is why we work with local communities and we look for sustainable and socially responsible products with a fair price for all. We love to work with social workshops, such as Estel Tàpia in Barcelona (Spain) and Customizando in Madrid (Spain).


Customizando, one of the social workshops we work with.


2. Our garments are produced in limited editions, they are seasonless in nature and timeless in design. As we defend a slow fashion, we are not obsessed in producing in a wide scale. We avoid overproduction by reducing waste.


Zero-waste brown dress in wild silk.


3. We sell on line on avoiding the costs produced by the bricks-and-mortar stores as well as the waste produced by them. Also, we look for Fare Trade shops and eco concept stores to sell our slow products.


The Circular Project, one of the eco concept stores where you can find our clothes. Pic via Instagram.


4. We are keen to keep our carbon footprint low during production and shipment. As we made our clothes in Europe, we prefer to use terrestrial transport to ship the majority our clothing from country to country.

Zero-waste cotton dress in terracotta and old pink.


5. We want to improve our impact on the environment and its community. We use certificate fabrics that are good for the earth and we use upcycling production cuttings.


Blue poncho in organic sweat cotton. GOTS certified.


6. We use recyclable and/or upcycled shipping materials and recyclable stationery. In addition, we produce garment using organic and sustainable materials which are environmentally friendly and free of hazardous elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals.


Upcycled poncho and shoulder bag.


7. And finally, we produce unique pieces that can hardly be repeated.


Velvet dress in light blue.


In conclussion, we do believe that wearing beautiful clothing should not be at the expense of people or environment and we work to get that. We hope you like IREMA’s philosophy and the way we work, always with lot of love. 

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