Besides nature, IREMA Slow Fashion has got a strong commitment to society. That is why we love to work with different social workshops, where people are respected and social inclusion is promoted. We invite you hereunder to visit two of them, do you join us?


Estel Tàpia workshop.


As you already know, in IREMA Slow Fashion we love transparency. For that reason, we always inform about the process of our work, from the origin of the fabrics we use to how we make our garments. It is very important tell you the story behind every garment. One of our main objectives is returning to planet everything it gives us using organic and no toxic fabrics and techniques of dressmaking respectful with the environment. But not the only one, because producing socially responsible products is also essential, so we work with providers and suppliers with a commitment to ethical fashion.

“To encourage social inclusion, to respect people and to reactivate local economy trough small workshops are essentials”

We spend time looking for our partners because we are interested in building strong personal relationships with them. Our face-to-face approach is key to build a sustainable and transparent supply chain. And we would like to introduce two of these partners: Estel Tàpia and Customizando. We have chosen them because they encourage social inclusion, respect people and reactivate local economy through small workshops.  


Velvet sweatshirt made in Estel Tàpia.

Estel Tàpia is a social organization that works in the neighborhood the Raval (Barcelona) with a social and productive workshop for adult people in social exclusion. In particular, we work with its CET (Special Employment Center), a social project that works from the Raval district to give employment to people with disabilities and to offer clothing services to companies with social responsibility. For example, our beautiful velvet sweatshirts are made here. 

CET Estel Tàpia.

IREMA helps other women to integrate into society

Jacket made in Customizando.

Customizando was born in 2016 in Madrid as a non-profit cooperative of social integration that works in the creative design sector and in the artisan textile transformation, giving a second life to garments. Set up by 8 women who combine dressmaking and creation with training, empowerment and cooperative entrepreneurship. For example, our new jackets are made here.

Definitely, social inclusion and responsability are very important parts of our brand and working with social workshops is a must. Now, you know that wearing IREMA you are helping other women to integrate into society 😉



  1. Marta says:

    Customizando was born because a group of women with strong will and clear minds decided that the changes in their lives were their responsibility. The best way for them was to set up cooperative as collective employment was the way to ensure that they have fair salaries within the textile field. We work on three lines: as a textile work shop for other brands and newcomers designers, as a textile training centre and we have our own brand of customize upcycling clothing.

    We are very happy to work with IREMA because we share the same principles and the clothes and lovely.

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