Making your own clothes, mending them and the upcycling are great ways of reducing our footprint and practicing the slow fashion. But of course, knitting is another fantastic method to get it. Haven’t you fallen in love yet with this beautiful art of knitting? Warning: It can be too addictive! ?

Alpaca wool cap.


Don’t you remember your grandma, your auntie or your mum knitting scarfs, caps or jumpers for the family? If not, haven’t you seen or imagined the endearing image of a lovely elderly woman weaving close to the fireplace? Knitting is always related to winter, kindness and love, because many times, people who practice this art give their creations. In the past, when we didn’t buy clothes like fools, people used to sew and weave their own clothes. Fortunately, times are changing and nowadays, it is more common to find a person doing it again. Actually, knitting is quite trendy today.



Every day, there are more and more people who start to knit, because it is not only a wonderful way of joining the fashion revolution that bets for an ecological and a social responsible change, but a creative and relaxing activity. In addition, you can choose carefully the yarns you are going to use, knowing its origin. Think about the last jumper you bought from a fast fashion brand… Look the label and check its composition. And remember when it started the pilling, maybe after the second or third washing? If you choose the yarn, you can assure that it is organic and sustainable. Believe us, you will see the difference and you will forget the meaning of the word “pilling”!




Knitting is becoming very popular, so there are a lot of places to learn and to practice. In many wool shops you can find knitting courses and even clubs, where a group of knitting lovers meet to weave. Without doubt, a good plan: knitting, coffee and chatting with friends, what else? But if you don’t have access to these places or you prefer to stay home, don’t worry, because there are a lot of sites on the Web with online courses, patterns for free, tips and much more. Here you are some of our favorites:

You will find patterns, yarns, creations from other people, help… It is a must for knitting lovers.

On the “KNIT” you can find online classes, project kits, tools and supplies, patterns and knitting ideas.

Here there are a lot of ideas and DIY tutorials. (In French).

On this site, you will find patterns, sometimes for free. Besides, they usually launch a KNIT ALONG, a thread of posts and comments, often with images, from a group of people who are all tackling the same project.

Are you ready to become a knitting lover? 



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