Wool jacket in beige

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Wool jacket in beige

100% tweed wool.

Colour: beige.

Origin: Distributed: Switzerland. Production: Switzerland. Irema Slow Fashion workshop.

Special features: Eco-Friendly, light and long-lasting, it warms much more than a jacket made by synthetic materials. It fits great with tight trousers or a long plain skirt. You can use it like a pullover and cover yourself with a poncho or a coat. No lining.

The model in the picture is wearing size M.

Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Only use specific detergents for wool and fine fibres, or a detergent with neutral PH, free of dyes. Dissolve detergent completely before introducing the garment. Move softly the garment, do not scrub. Rise completely. Do not use softener or bleach. Do not spin. Do not use dryer. Extend instead of fold. Iron at medium temperature with no pressure. Use preferably a steam iron, if not a normal iron with a wet cloth between garment an iron.


Wool jacket in beige
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