Christmas is already here, and we would love to wish you very happy moments and recommend you some tips to live these holidays in a slow way. Because we often forget what is important in this time of the year and we let us be carry along by a consumerist current… But that is no the real Christmas spirit ?.






If we go mad with something during Christmas times is with food. We buy and eat like if it were our last day on earth. If we stop a little bit to think about it, we would realize that it is a nonsense and most of the times a huge waste of food. Why don’t try to plan carefully and consciously the menu? You can look for new recipes on a lot of websites and you can involve all the family in the cooking, even children! Don’t forget to try to buy local and slow products, it makes the difference.





The same happens with our Christmas presents, every year we get more and more gifts and the previous days to Christmas seem a crazy consumerist race to buy too many things. Specially children get too many gifts and that is no a good example for them, because like that we are educating them in a consumerist model. Seriously, do your children need so many toys? So, these holidays, bet for less presents and choose them very well, having in mind their origin, their use, their composition, etc. In other words, choose slow Christmas presents! By the way, a good way of living a slow Christmas is giving some toys and clothes to people that really need them.






As we told you in this previous post of the blog, a perfect way to slow down in Christmas is making your own ornaments. Besides, you will enjoy a lot the process with your family and you will love the result much more than other years with bought deco. Ok, maybe all the ornaments are too much, but try with some adornments every Christmas, they will be your favorite ones in the future. Who doesn’t keep with love a Christmas gift made during childhood?





Probably the most important thing to live a slow Christmas is spending quality time with your loved ones. So, instead of shopping like mads, these holidays dedicate time to your family and friends, play, sing, dance, cook, laugh… Everything in good company is a great plan. Remember, there is no better present than time and love.

Merry Xmas!

With joy and love, 



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