2017 is almost over and it is time to think seriously about our resolutions for 2018. Have you decided yours? Why don’t give an opportunity to the slow lifestyle next year? We propose you some slow New Year’s resolutions, we hope you like them! And… Happy New Year! ?





This is not only a good way to help environment, it will be as well a beautiful plan with children and your family. Even alone, you will enjoy a lot the process of planting a tree and, above all, seeing how it grows along the time. It has not to be a tree if it is difficult to find a place to plant it, but you can do the same with a plant. Imagine the moment of the blooming! Nothing better than a flower to remind us that beauty is everywhere.




Well, we don’t mean the typical diary you used to write as a child, or why not, but writing your thoughts and feelings at the end of a day can be very healing and inspiring. It is going to help you to clarify your head and your heart. You can try to write short stories too, if you don’t feel like writing about yourself and your life. Let the imagination flow!




Biscuits, cakes, etc. Instead of buying these sweets for breakfast, try to cook them at home with natural and healthy ingredients. These industrial products contain too much sugar and very often palm oil. But at home, you can choose the ingredients and be sure about their origins. Once you will start to eat your own biscuits, you will not want to know anything about the others.




Take your older clothes and give them a new life thank to the upcycling techniques. All materials are usable, and you will get a new and unique garment. The possibilities are huge. Instead of buying and buying new clothes in the fast fashion industry, bet for slow and upcycled fashion. Specially if you can make it at home with your hands. Well, and with a needle and thread ?.




In 2018 try to go to the park, to the beach or to the forest at least once or twice a week, and walk… Feel the energy and beauty of nature. Your mind and soul will be in peace and you will be able to handle your day-to-day much better.



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