More than a sustainable fashion label

At Irema Slow fashion we make an effort to be an eco-sustainable brand:

• We work with local communities and we look for sustainable and socially responsible products with a fair price for all. 
• As we defend a slow fashion, we are not obsessed in producing in a wide scale. We avoid overproduction by reducing waste. 
• We sell on line avoiding the costs produced by the bricks-and-mortar stores as well as the waste produced by them. 
• We look for Fare Trade shops and eco concept stores to sell our products slow.
• We are keen to keep our carbon footprint low during production and shipment. As we made our clothes in Europe, we prefer to use terrestrial transport to ship the majority our clothing from country to country. 
• We want to improve our impact on the environment and its community. We use certificate fabrics that are good for the earth and we use upcycling production cuttings 
• We use recyclable and/or upcycled shipping materials and recyclable stationery.