IREMA is a slow and timeless fashion brand


My name is Veronica and I am the founder of IREMA Slow Fashion, a slow brand of handmade clothes and accessories for women who love a sustainable life.

When I learnt to sew in my childhood, I couldn’t imagine that in the future my life would turn around threads, fabrics, and beads. My bustling and creative mind led me to continue with the sewing and that was the reason why my brand started.

Today, IREMA means much more than garments. I design and tailor being aware that is my way of returning to the planet what it gives me. I am a privileged woman who lives in contact with nature, staring at its beauty from my window. For that reason, I want the balance to be maintained and that my children, the rest of people and the ones will come, will be able to enjoy nature for a long time.

As a fashion designer, I make my best to be transparent about my sourcing, from the cotton to the wool I use in my collections, always offering a wide variety of styles, and ensuring that manufacturers and workers with whom I work are treated ethically. I desire that, together, we create a world more sustainable and beautiful and when you wear my clothes, you will do it being aware of the origin and the story that every garment tells.

As a committed designer and citizen, I am a member of two important organisations: Zero waste Switzerland and Common Objetive.

On an era of climate crisis, our action is more important than ever

We are interested in sustainable methods of production to minimize environmental impact as well as to give answers to ethical and social issues: environmental and social responsibility is central to everything we do.


We appreciate doing things well, recovering traditional skills that support local communities. We work with local craft people from Spain to create unique collections and at the same time, to support their community development.

We work with upcycled scraps and deadstock fabrics to reduce industrial textile remains. We seek to take advantage of every piece of fabric, leather, tape, zipper and button we got in our hands with a story behind.

We produce garments using Global Organic Textile and sustainable materials which are environmentally friendly and free of hazardous elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals.

We produce unique pieces that can hardly be repeated. We love to explain the story of every garment or apparel produced: the origin of the fabrics, how it was produced and how to take care of it.

“We create limited edition, clothing and accessories seasonless in nature and timeless in design. We believe in being fashionable without harming the planet”

Know our suppliers and producers

We work with providers and suppliers with a story to tell about their commitment with an ethical fashion. We look for a long-term partnership to produce truly sustainable and socially responsible products.

We spend time looking for our partners because we are interested in building strong personal relationships with them. Our face-to-face approach is key to build a sustainable and transparent supply chain.


  • EstilUnic
  • Moda 22 makers
  • C.E.T. Estel tàpia


  • Lebenskleidung
  • Siebenblau
  • Ideen

Headquarters Irema Slow Fashion


IREMA with the sustainable fashion

IREMA moves to a sustainable fashion through the introduction of upcycling and organic fabrics. Clothes that explain a story of transparency and closeness in every moment.

Artisans’ studios

Visiting artisans’ studios or looking for traces left by professions that marked an age is also a source of inspiration.

Free-markets and use second-hand clothes

We love it because they use second-hand clothes, out-of-stock fabrics, free-markets, leather obtained from old sofas… and they take profit of every single scrap. The result is wonderful!

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