Learning to sew your own clothes is worthy for so many reasons. Most of them related to a change of mentality and to the contribution to a more sustainable world. We tell you why here below…


Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

If you learn to sew your own clothes, you will…


1) … fight against the climate change

The climate change is a reality and the impact of the fashion industry on the environment is huge. It is estimated that the 10 % of CO2 emissions and the 20 % of water contamination in the world are originated by the fashion industry. All this without including the transport of the clothes from where they are produced to the point of sale. So, if you bet for slow fashion or for making your own clothes, you will help to minimize all these terrible effects in nature. 


2) … bring new life to your clothes

To create is a challenge for your imagination and making new clothes from old ones can be an amazing adventure for you. Upcycling and refashion are the names of these techniques in which there are no limits, just your creativity. Dresses made with ties or men shirts, old jumpers that become wool cups… there are infinite possibilities. Discover more ideas here.


3) … reduce the Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint is the only metric that measures how much nature we have and how much nature we use. For example, when we buy a garment, this action has an impact on the environment and this metric measures it. The manufacturing and transport imply high gas emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect. In addition, the fashion industry uses toxic products that contaminate the water. If you practice the upcycling or If you buy local fabrics, you will reduce a lot your Ecological Footprint.


Every action in our life has an impact on the environment. Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash.


4) … learn to value the work behind every garment

When you start to sew, you will realize that it is a work that needs time, effort and dedication. In this way, you will value in a different way every garment you make or buy. Probably, your perception of the prices will also change. You will have acquired social conscience and your consumer behaviour will begin to change.


5) … be more self-sufficient

A hole in a jumper or an unpicked hem will not be reason to run toward a shop to buy a new garment, because you will be able to mend and repair it. You will have the option of self-management and you will be able to decide what to do.


6) … be able to share your knowledge and practice a solidarity economy

If you start, then others will want to learn. Teaching others and sharing everything you know are the basis of the solidarity economyAlso, sewing in group can be so funny!


Matías and Irene, Verónica’s children, practicing with the scissors… 😉


7) … preserve the cultural identity

Through fashion you also show your culture and roots. With some different sewing and embroidery techniques you contribute to keep alive the traditions and even to recover them. There are authentic treasures in the fashion traditions around the world.


8) … tailor garments of a great quality with good finishes

You choose the fabrics, so you can select quality and that means that the garment should last a longtime. You will not have to be worried about a T-shirt with dots after the second wash, for example.


9) … boycott the fast fashion industry

You will take side against this kind of industry characterized by very low salaries, strenuous long working days and precarious work conditions for the workers. People that receive only between the 1 and 2 % of the cost of the garment they have made. Slow fashion is not only about the environment, but also about people rights. You will be part of the fashion revolution


Verónica and her daughter Irene in the sewing workshop.

Have we convinced you to learn to sew your own clothes after these reasons? 😉  Step by step, you can get it and you will contribute to a better and more conscious world. If you would like to try it, we reccomend these fantastic books to start. Happy learning! 


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