Nowadays, we seem to live in a rush, always at 200 km per hour and often we lose the essence of ourselves and the sense of life. That is why sometimes we need to stop to understand that slowing down is an urgent need. And how can we do that? Let us give you some keys… ?


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To understand that life is only happening in the now, in the present moment, is the essential key to start to slow down. Many times, we are obsessed with the tomorrow or the yesterday and we forgot the today. But we need to be focused on the now to learn to appreciate the little things of life and to be happier. Be like a child again in the sense of living everyday like a discover and an adventure. Focus yourself on the beauty of life, that is everywhere, and be grateful for that. You will start to prioritize and to realize that many things that used to worry don’t deserve your time and your mind.


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Have you tried to walk alone in a forest when you feel anxious or nervous? To be in contact with nature and to reconnect with earth is very important for us to reencounter with ourselves and our essence. If you are lucky to live close to nature, don’t forget that privilege, and if not, go back to it sometimes. Use your free time to go to a park, to the mountain or to the beach. Listen to the beautiful sounds of nature and breathe deeply. Your soul will be thankful.


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A relationship is like a plant, you need to feed it and to take care of it if you want it to be alive. So, stop in the name of love and friendship, and get back in touch with your loved ones. Spend time with them, call them, visit them… and show them your love and gratitude. Sometimes, we are too busy with worries, problems and work, that we forget the most important thing: our people. But never is late!


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Slow food is a movement that promotes local food and traditional cooking. In other words, to be conscious of the products we eat in all senses. Start to give importance to the aliments you use (origin, quality, etc.), to take your time for cooking, to taste every meal, to enjoy eating… Not only your health will thank you, believe us…





In this last key to a slow life, we could talk about every act of consumption, but we are going to focus on fashion for obvious reasons ?. As we have told you other times, if you really want a slow lifestyle, you must join the fashion revolution and bet for slow and ethical fashion brands that cares about the origin of the fabrics, the sustainability and the process of production, respecting worker rights. Be honest, do you need all the clothes you buy? Have you ever think about how a garment has been made?

After reading these 5 keys to a slow life… are you ready to slow down? You know, step by step… ?


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